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Welcome Students and Parents


Welcome Students and Parents,

LAPBOOK Students in the 21st Century “power-up” when they wake up in the morning and they stay connected for the entire day.  Education has taken a lesson from these digital natives and we have embraced student's interactive capabilities by looking at learning in a new way.

Virtual learning is designed to supplement the classroom learning that takes place in your child’s school.  It is not designed to replace the traditional course requirements of the student’s high school program. Each school district works with Nassau BOCES to design their own program based upon the needs of their students. Most districts do not allow students to obtain more than a certain number of credits in a virtual environment. You will need to check with your child’s school to find out the specific requirements for each program.

I’d like to invite you to look through the Nassau BOCES Virtual School website.  We believe you will find many informative and interesting articles, as well as links to websites and videos that will help to answer many of the questions that you have concerning virtual learning.   


Judith A. Hynes, Principal

Specialized and Virtual Schools