Two-day Summer Institute is back!

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Two-Day Summer Institute will be Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28.

Challenging Behaviors: Welcoming All Learners

Two-day Summer Institute Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28, 2017 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (continental breakfast and lunch included) Western Suffolk BOCES, Wyandanch

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Day One Schedule and Speakers

Keynote: Challenging Behaviors: What Can I Do?

What teachers, teacher assistants and school administrators can do to understand, prevent and respond to children’s behaviors. This presentation will also include information about how inclusive preschool programs help all children.

Presenter: Dr. Neal Horen, Research Instructor at the Center for Child and Human Development and Director of the H.O.Y.A. clinic at the Center for Child and Human Development. He is interested in clinical and policy aspects of the emotional development of young children. He works on policy issues at the National Center on Children’s Mental Health and leads efforts for social skills development and violence prevention in rural communities.

Breakout Sessions (choice of one in a.m.; one in p.m.)

Workshop #1: Maximizing Non-verbal Communications Strategies to Enhance Learning

We sometimes overlook simple non-verbal strategies that are more effective than our traditional methods. This workshop will demonstrate a variety of non-verbal approaches that produce positive responses in children and reduce stress for teachers. We will examine how teaching styles and beliefs impact non-verbal communication and harmony in the classrooms. We will demonstrate effective use of: gestures and non-verbal prompts; opportunities to minimize verbal prompts and excessive talking; visuals; movement; and spatial factors in the environment. Evidence-based research and techniques from methods of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Communications will be included.

Presenter: Dr. Faith Kappenberg, Director of the Long Island Early Childhood Direction Center, Long Island University’s Center for Community Inclusion. Her experience spans child development, social work education, special education, psychotherapy and behavior assessment.

Workshop #2: Meeting the Needs of Non-English Speaking Families and Their Children

With the ever-changing demographics on Long Island, effective communication with families is essential. This session will explore the impact of culture, language and strategies to assist professionals in understanding the needs of diverse families with young children, with and without disabilities. Resources will be shared that can help you collaborate with diverse families.

Presenter: Yesica Panora is the Bilingual Early Childhood Specialist for the Early Childhood Direction Center, LIU Post. She has a master’s degree in creative arts therapy and experience working with children and young adults with disabilities, their families and the professionals who serve them.

Workshop #3: Supporting Children within Inclusive Classrooms

Here on Long Island, young children with disabilities are segregated from their typically developing peers at alarming rates. This is in spite of decades of research demonstrating that children with disabilities experience better outcomes when educated alongside their typically developing peers. Following a brief overview of the rationale for inclusive programming, service options that are potentially available to young children with disabilities in New York State will be presented. This will be followed by a series of specific strategies that can be implemented to support young children with disabilities within inclusive settings. These will address both behavior and the learning of fundamental skills.

Presenter: Dr. Kathleen M. Feeley, Founding Director of the Center for Community Inclusion (CCI) at LIU Post. The mission of CCI is to enhance inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities in schools and communities. Dr. Feeley has decades of experience in conducting research and providing technical assistance to families and professionals as they support children with disabilities in inclusive settings.

Workshop # 4 (morning session only): Are you Culturally Competent? Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators are in a unique position to engage children and families through culturally competent practices. Like children, grown-ups, too, learn by doing and making mistakes, thinking about it and trying again. In this workshop, practitioners will have the opportunity to join in thought-provoking discussions and activities as we explore moving beyond teaching tolerance toward practices that empower adults and children alike.

Presenter: Joy Connolly is Director of Education Program Services at the Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc. She has been designing and delivering professional development for over 15 years, including at the University of Wisconsin and the University of California, San Diego. She has master’s degrees in policy studies and public policy.

Workshop #5 (afternoon session only) What’s Going On with this Child? Tools to Discover Root Causes of Behavior

Are you struggling with behaviors that disrupt your classroom? This will be an interactive session where we will explore tools to assess the causes, then take-away some strategies to help children manage their behaviors.

Presenters: Emily Torres and Jackie Zaita. Torres is a Bilingual Early Childhood Specialist at the Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc.. She has a master’s degree in early childhood studies and has been lead teacher in various child care centers. Zaita is an Early Childhood Specialist at the Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc. She has more than a dozen years of experience working in an NAEYC-accredited child care program serving children from six weeks to five years old, including serving as the Director of Imagine Early Learning Centers.

Finale: Movin’ and Groovin’ with noted dance educator Andrew Jannetti.

Learn how music is the language that unites all children...You all loved him at The Long Island Pre-K Initiative’s conference in November, and asked for more movement and movement! He will share developmentally appropriate dance activities that are engaging and fun.

Presenter: Andrew Jannetti has had a distinguished career as a choreographer, dancer, educator, fitness instructor and producer. He is currently employed by the New York City Department of Education and Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) as a dance educator and facilitator.


Day Two Schedule

Facing the Challenge: Responding Effectively to Young Children’s Behavior

A full day of learning with noted educator Barbara Kaiser, co-author of Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding and Responding Effectively, now in its fourth edition. Participants will learn a variety of research-based strategies that can help almost any child succeed. Real life examples of student behavior will provide participants with practical applications for use in the classroom. There will be opportunities to work in small and large groups and to share ideas.

Presenter: Barbara Kaiser founded and served as the director of two child care centers and an afterschool program. In addition, she has taught at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. A master’s degree in educational administration gives her a firm theoretical foundation, but, above all, her perspective is practical, realistic and compassionate, stemming from decades of working with children, families and teachers in real situations.