School Library Services


Carl Vitevitch, MLS
(516) 608-6650

General & Interlibrary Loan Fax Number:
(516) 608-6621



Provided to all member schools of  Nassau BOCES SLS for the sixth year.


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The Nassau BOCES School Library Services (NBSLS) provides library coordination and services to Nassau County's 56 school districts and independent schools.
The costs for participating as a member of NBSLS
are funded by a New York State grant.

Additional Contacts:
Automation support
(516) 608-6646

Barbara Neist
Senior Stenographer
(516) 608-6630
Theresa McLoughlin
Senior Library Clerk
(516) 608-6614
Evangeline King, MLS
Interlibrary Loan
(516) 608-6623
Mailing Address:
Nassau BOCES School Library Services
Robert E. Lupinskie Center for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
One Merrick Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590

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