The Board Of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County (Nassau BOCES) serves the
56 school districts of Nassau County, Long Island, by providing cost-effective shared services, including career training for high school students and adults, special education, alternative schools, technology education, and teacher training, as well as dozens of programs to expand educational opportunity and help districts operate more efficiently. Our agency, which was created in 1967, is the youngest — and the largest — of the 37 BOCES in New York state. All of the BOCES are made possible by legislation passed in 1948. Did you know that…

  • Nassau BOCES is guided by a nine-member Board, elected by the members of the Boards of Education in our 56 component districts?

  • We have nearly three dozen locations, with sites ranging from large facilities, such as Barry Tech in Westbury, to a cluster of classrooms in a local school?

  • We offer approximately 100 different programs and services, which change constantly in response to school-district needs?

  • Our staff includes educational planners, naturalists, public relations professionals, printers, bus drivers, computer network technicians, pioneers in the art of data mining, experts in risk management, and Web designers, in addition to hundreds of classroom teachers and teacher aides?

  • In all, Nassau BOCES relies on more than 4,000 full- and part-time employees — our most important asset in meeting school district needs?

How BOCES is Organized

In New York state, most children attend neighborhood schools that reflect the local community's values. But small school systems are at a disadvantage when it comes to serving students with specialized needs, purchasing equipment or introducing new technology.

To solve this problem, the state legislature created the BOCES — Boards of Cooperative Educational Services — to encourage local school districts to pool their resources. The BOCES offer services and programs that individual school districts can't operate as efficiently or cost-effectively. Examples include specialized schools for severely disabled children, a regional computer-services center, and shared professional training programs for teachers.

Nassau BOCES serves all 56 local school districts in Nassau County, which have more than 300 schools and approximately 225,000 students. Nassau BOCES enables the county's residents to enjoy all the benefits of locally-controlled schools while also reaping the benefits of belonging to a large cooperative.

Funding comes from the 56 local districts. Each pays a proportional share of Nassau BOCES' administrative costs, and local school boards vote on the administrative budget each spring. In addition, each district decides which Nassau BOCES services it needs and then pays a share of the cost of those services. As an incentive to cooperate and share resources, New York state gives local school districts BOCES aid monies to partially reimburse them for BOCES services and administrative costs.