Special Education

Career Prep

High School Program:
Career Preparatory High School

CoSer: 244.060
Jervey Edwards, Principal
(516) 629-4400

Student Disability
: Moderate or Severe Learning, and/or Behavioral Disabilities

Student Age:14 to 21 years


The Career Preparatory High School is an alternative high school that focuses on the social, emotional, prevocational and academic needs of students. Educational programs are in accordance with the New York State Department of Education standards. Students are referred to Career Prep from all 56 school districts in Nassau County. They come to Career Prep with a variety of behavioral difficulties accompanied by learning disabilities. The school is set up with a high staff-to-student ratio in order to address the individual needs of each student in a self-contained classroom. Students and staff interact in a family-style atmosphere that is both nurturing and supervisory. All students and staff participate in breakfast and lunch socialization groups daily, in order to foster trust and interpersonal communication skills

Career Prep provides a supportive atmosphere where students are encouraged to make the transition from adolescence to a productive adulthood by developing self-esteem and by raising their own expectations for success in the future.

The instructional programs at Career Prep are developed according to the individual needs and academic abilities of the student population through individual and cooperative learning strategies. Classroom instruction is modified to meet the New York State Common Core Learning Standards. Career Prep offers all students the opportunity to earn a New York State Regents diploma or other state approved high school diploma, and in partnership with Farmingdale University, students can earn college credits while in high school. In addition, beginning in 9th grade, state assessed students are provided instructional and work-based learning opportunities required for the Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential.  The Power of Choice Behavior Mamagement Program along with individual behavior intervention plans are used to monitor student progress. Students who consistently demonstrate academic and behavioral success over a period of time are recommended to a less restrictive program.All students participate in all electives and intramural events. A select group of students are also affored the opportunity to participate in a character education and life skills curriculem that uses horses as a teaching tool. 

Career Prep is committed to meeting the psychological needs of each student. Counseling services focus on the development of prosocial behaviors, including conflict resolution skills training, moral development, interpersonal communication skills, self-awareness and self-esteem enhancement. Both individual and small group counseling services are provided for each student. Case management services function to connect each student and their family to both the school and the community, as well as additional support services.

Intramural and interscholastic programs are offered to improve sportsmanship, teamwork and bring a sense of school pride. The interscholastic and extramural participants are chosen from their success in the school-wide Power of Choice behavior management program. Students who reach the highest level are afforded the opportunity to participate in weekly social, vocational and intramural club activities.
The Career Extension Program (our least restrictive program) has been associated throughout the years with various businesses, agencies and university settings in Nassau County. Our longest standing location, at Hofstra University. The students at this location spend 80 percent of their school week at the off-campus site where they receive group and individual academic instruction, and are responsible for participating in a work-experience practicum. The community-based program creates a transitional atmosphere for mature students who experience education in a college environment, as well as the ability to explore post-secondary school options. Their exposure to a community setting further serves to broaden the students' learning environment and continues to develop socialization skills. In addition, support services are provided on a regular basis, on-site. Consideration and acceptance into the less restrictive environment of the CEP (9:1:2) program is based upon the individual student's success in the Power of Choice program and through an internal screening process.

Career Prep's main program provides students with a 9:1:2 class setting. Studetns have the opportunity to participate in pre-vocational programs in Food Trades, Automotive Technology and Industrial Arts in addition to their academics. All students participate in multiple individual and small group counseling sessions weekly. Students are offered the opportunity to engage in various activities to round out their high school experience. Students with interests in any of our prevocational programs can be assigned to additional pullout periods to further develop their skills and talents. 

The Rebound Program is our most restrictive setting within the Career Prep program which provides students a smaller 6:1: 2 classrooms setting, offering a flexible curriculum directly combined with counseling services throughout the school day. The Rebound Program focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment where students realize the value of school and become more productive students, as well as responsible citizens. 
The Career Preparatory High School is located at 111 Cantiague Rock Road, Westbury, NY 11759.

Additional Contact:
Richard Martinez, Assistant Principal
(516) 629-4400