Special Education

Carman Road

Elementary – High School Program:
Carman Road School

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Steven Kessler,Principal
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Student Disability:
Students with multiple physical and developmental disabilities. Once accepted, students attend a full-day program, 5 days per week.

Student Age: 5 to 21 years

The Carman Road School provides an outstanding program of comprehensive educational services that develops students' academic, social-emotional, and pre-vocational skills to the fullest extent possible so that they can become productive members of society. The schools multidisciplinary team designs strategies to achieve the goals and objectives established in each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Traditional educational methods are used in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology to provide stimulating programs for students.

The innovative and diverse curriculum is linked to the New York State Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities. An Engineered Aided Language Environment, using Visual Strategies, combines with Assistive Technology to encourage the growth of communication and cognitive skills at all age and functional levels. Classroom curriculum stress literacy/reading activities, authentic life-based math skills, sensory activities, community awareness/exploration. The curriculum, designed to encourage students to maximize their academic, physical, and social potential, is enriched through related field trips, assembly programs, and sports programs.

Carman Road School provides a well-equipped, barrier-free learning environment. A wide range of adaptive and assistive technology, including computers, low and high-tech augmentative communication and speech devices, is used to help address each student's individual goals. The accessible Multi-Sensory Environment, designed specifically for physically challenged students, is the first of its kind in Nassau County. Program staff includes special education teachers and teacher aides skilled in educating students with multiple disabilities. Support services are provided by physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, school nursing staff, a consulting physician, school psychologists, and school social worker. Interdisciplinary meetings are held with the total educational team and administration to discuss the needs of each child.

Led by a highly trained Assistive Technology staff, our Learning Center Computer Labs are the hub of the Carman Road School curriculum, where students have opportunities to master the use of assistive technology, adapted computers, specialized software, touch screens, and switches. Smartboards, touchscreens, iPods, and web-based learning lessons are shared within our two Learning Centers. In addition, computers are available in all classrooms, providing continuity and enriching the instructional program.

Primary and Elementary students develop readiness, language, literacy, perceptual-motor, sensory-motor and self-care skills. Choice and decision-making are promoted via Visual Strategies and Aided Language. Experiential learning, through exploration, manipulation, imitation, and socialization, are keys to the curriculum. Reading instruction and mathematical concepts are taught through a variety of methods and adapted materials.

Middle school and secondary students begin the process of transitioning from school with curriculum activities and goals that focus on functional and adapted academics, independent living skills, increased autonomy, community awareness and the development of pre-vocational skills. Departmentalized activities provide opportunities to interact with peers and staff in a variety of settings. Students may also participate in community-based employment in varied local community settings to help develop prevocational skills for transitional placements.

An adapted barrier-free home economics room and apartment within the school serve as on-site training centers for the acquisition of many daily living skills. In the Library & Literacy Center, individualized and group activities supplement classroom instruction. Icon adapted books are available for students to borrow for classroom and home use.

A well-equipped, accessible greenhouse supports our Environment Education program where students care for plants, turtles and fish. Experiential learning using technology and traditional materials merge the areas of science, social students and art. This innovative program also develops self-esteem, creativity, socialization and personal growth.

The newly renovated Gymnasium provides opportunities for our students to further develop their motor skills. Adapted physical education teachers develop unique activities to promote health and fitness activities for each student. Individual and team sports are encouraged, providing opportunities such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair volleyball and floor hockey. Students may also participate in spin classes, weight training and Wii tournaments.

The Music program offers a variety of musical and motor movement activities. Students are given opportunities to sing, move and use instruments via hand or switch access. Skills such as following directions, spatial orientation, sequencing and body awareness are encouraged through interactive music activities. Students' skills are showcased in our chorus performance groups

Community based programming uses the community as an extended classroom, providing real life learning experiences in a natural environment. Social skills are stressed through actual instruction, role playing, and counseling. Travel training, including group and individual instruction, is available both within and outside of the school building. Training includes both pedestrian travel and use of public transportation.

Parents are an active participant in the education process. Opportunities are available to visit their child's classroom and related services sessions. Members of the multidisciplinary team interface with parents throughout the school year. Parents are encouraged to join our Parent Teacher Association, attend discussion groups and to participate in the development of their child's IEP.

Related services are delivered as outlined in each youngster's IEP and students are seen in individual or small group sessions. Sessions are delivered in the classroom, therapy areas, or specialized instruction areas.

Occupational Therapy services provide students with opportunities to maintain, improve and develop fine motor, sensory and activities of daily living skills. Assistive and advanced technology is explored through switch access for school activities and lessons, including pre-vocational interests. Our Occupational Therapists are specially trained to offer a variety of sensory experiences in our state of the art Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE). This environment creates a pipeline to the sensory systems of the body helping students make sense of their world. It improves attention and focusing skills, encourages enthusiasm and motivation.

The Carman Road School is located at One Carmans Road, Massapequa Park, NY 11762.

Additional Contact:
Gina DaRocha, Assistant Principal
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