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A Student Learning Objective is an academic goal for a teacher’s students that is set at the start of a course. It represents the most important learning for the year (or, semester, where applicable). It must be specific and measurable, based on available prior student learning data, and aligned to Common Core, State, or national standards, as well as any other school and District priorities. Teachers’ scores are based upon the degree
to which their goals were attained.  More...




  Student Learning Objectives
(SLO) Closeout and Reflection Webinar
Below is an Excel template that provides a six step guide to determining the SLOs needed.
Fifty Percent Guide

♦ SED has Released Three SLO Resources! 
♦ SED Guidance regarding SLOs for Science Regents courses: http://www.engageny.org/resource/guidance-on-new-york-s-annual-professional-performance-review-law-and-regulations

♦ Two new SLO resources that are available on EngageNY: the SLO Results Analysis webinar and the SLO calculator tool. 

The first video webinar provides viewers with the video following information:

1. The background and basics of SLOs;

2. The relationship between SLOs, the Common Core State Standards, Data Driven Instruction, evidence-based observations, and local measures of student achievement; and

3. The difference between the state/district/school/teacher's role within the SLO process.


The second video webinar provides viewers with the video following information:

1. The role Common Core plays in SLOs.

2. Key messages for SLOs.

3. The timeline for 5 key district-level SLO decisions.

4. Tools for district leaders to make the first 3 of their 5 key SLO decisions:

  • Assess and identify district-specific academic priorities and needs.
  • Identify who will have State-provided growth measures and who must have SLOs as “comparable growth measures.”
  • Determine district rules for how specific
    SLOs will get set.