All LIHSA Staff can be reached via telephone through the school's main number (516) 622-5678


    Jason Cuvelier
    Art Teacher


    Dina Denis
    Dance Teacher
    Laura Bagdziunas
    Jazz Teacher  
    Arleigh Rothenberg
    Visiting Lecturer, Tap 
    Beth Trimm
    Visiting Lecturer, Ballet 


    Christopher Scher
    Music Teacher
    Courses: Classical Instrumental Ensemble, AP Music Theory, Ear Training, History of Western music, Digital Media 
    Rosemarie Castanza
    Visiting Lecturer, Music
    Courses: Accompanist Vocal Music & Instrumental Music 
    Linda Ciofalo
    Visiting Lecturer, Music
    Courses: Jazz Vocal Ensemble 
    Gary Filadelfo
    Visiting Lecturer, Music
    Courses: Audio Recording 
    Eugenia Roszczenko-Kurianowicz 
    Visiting Lecturer, Music
    Courses: Classical Vocal Ensemble 
    Mark McCarron
    Visiting Lecturer, Music
    Courses: Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble  
    Jerry Nobile
    Visiting Lecturer, Music/Tech Theatre
    Courses: Percussion Ensemble, Sound, & Stagecraft
    Elliot Weiss
    Visiting Lecturer, Music/Musical Theatre
    Courses: Audition, History of Popular Music Applied, Musical Theater Accompanist  
    Vincent Loccisano
    Visiting Lecturer, Piano
    Kimberly Musial
    Visiting Lecturer, Strings

    Physical Education

    Roberto Gutierrez


    Abbe Gail Gross 
    Department Coordinator, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Musical Theatre, Performance Workshop
    Debra Dumas 
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre
    Courses - Lighting Design, History of Theatrical Design 
    Robert Kramer
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Acting, Performance Workshop, History of Film, History of Theatre
    Kimberly Larkin
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Vocal Technique  
    Francis Lees
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Accompanist - Music, Musical Theatre and Dance
    Georgia McGill
    Courses: Playwriting
    Anthony Petrucci
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Screenwriting, Film Production 
    Michael Tester
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre/Film
    Courses: Physical Theatre, Performance Workshop
    Erik Chocianowski
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre Set Design
    Michelle Vivona 
    Visiting Lecturer, Theatre