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  • About This Course

    The Plant Science and Landscape Design program is designed to introduce students to the art and science of horticulture and landscape design in preparation for a wide range of entry-level positions in the green industry and college studies at Farmingdale State College.

  • Students Will Learn:

    • In year one, a study of drafting techniques in landscape design will be undertaken to develop proficiency in lettering, landscape drafting, and layout using professional tools and instruments. Instruction, orientation and field experience in the various phases of horticulture will be conducted during the first year. Tools, techniques, underlying concepts, and standards of workmanship will be covered.
    • In year two, students will explore soils ad their geologic formation and properties. Special attention is given to the focused manipulation of soils to achieve optimum plant performance in landscape situations. Investigative, hands-on laboratory exercises will develop an appreciation for soil as a dynamic living system with broad implications for agriculture and general society. Second-year students will also receive instruction in basic, universal computer concepts and terminology such as fundamentals of the Windows operating system and interactive experience at the beginning to intermediate levels with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The Internet will be used to supplement course content. 

  • Course Available: Grades 11-12
    Course Length: 2 years
    Location: TBD


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