State Reporting District Support Services (for NYSED Data Collection & Reporting)


    Available 1,2 or 3 days per week.

    The Shared Data Coordinator service provides a data specialist to assist central office and building level administrators. The specialist will assist in the planning, managing and evaluation of policies and procedures related to state and federal data collection and reporting through the Student Information Repository System (SIRS).  This yearly service is available for one, two or three days per week or short term (five-day minimum). The duties of the Shared Data Coordinator may include:

    • Training districts’ stakeholders on state reporting rules.
    • Helping districts with data audits, including reports for data verification and cleansing. Problem solving common errors and eScholar/SIS template issues.
    • Assisting districts in setting data reporting priorities.
    • Helping establish processes and policies.
    • Providing data facilitation training in-district, including coordination of processes.
    • Familiarizing staff with timelines, verification and certification cycles.

    The District retains the responsibility for meeting all data reporting, verification and certification requirements, and must name a district employee as the designated District Data Coordinator DDC.


    District is provided with remote Level 0 support

    Data are load-ready for districts

    Nassau BOCES data technical staff will assist with getting data load-ready.  District CIO/DDC loads data into Level 0.  Nassau BOCES staff will check data for errors and completeness.  Errors will be reviewed and corrections suggested to district staff.


    Provides 3 half day traininigs and review of district data systems and procedures

    This training and support will take place at Nassau BOCES at an agreed upon schedule of half day increments (3.25 hours). The CIO/DDC should be the district personnel responsible for entering the data that is reported to the State Education Department. Services of the 1:1 Mentoring may include:

    • Providing Level 0 training based on users’ level of experience.
    • Use of Level 0 reports, L2RPT reports, IDW State Reporting reports, and Certify reports.
    • Analysis of data dashboard errors and assisting in determining the method for resolution.
    • One session with a Data Coordination Specialist to review data systems, data teams and data verification procedures.

    What is Certify?

    This service automates validation of Student Informaion Systems and Sepcial Education data for NYS Reporting

    Who Can Use Certify?

    • Districts can assign the managment of their data to:
    • District CIOs
    • District/Building Registrars
    • Central Office and Building Administrators


    Why is Certify Valuable?

    With the proper use of Certify, the value added will be important to the management of your data in your district along with:

    • Reducing the need for additional District Personnel by automating District manual labor
    • Maximizing the amount of time to allow for the correction of errors through the daily error logs
    • Pinpoints errors by Data Entry personnel
    • Increase Accountability for Data Quality


    What is Included in the Certify Service?

    • Hosting services
    • Automatic updates from the SMS and IEP System for a additional fee
    • Training - both in groups and to individual districts
    • User group meetings
    • Telephone support to districts



    Phil DeGrazia
    Vivian Tripi