• Task:  There is a brand new Fitness Center that just opened in Venice Beach , California!  They conducting a search for a Personal Trainer and offereing a 50% partnership.  They have reached out to Mr. Carvelli, as he is among the best in the business, to help with the recuritment process. 

    Each applicant will have to develop a website, promoting themselves and the Fitness Center. Take what you learned in Mr. Carvelli's class and capitalize on what you already know!   The trainer with the best website presence will get the job!  While your website content will likely change and grow over time, there are a few must-have pages that you should create first. We will brainstorm as a group, but the ultimate decision of what content you have on your page, is up to you. In addition, you may want to market the following on your webpage/website:

    • Market yourself as a personal trainer 
    • Promote good health
    • What is your vision (five years down the line) 
    • Promote Fitness Center
    • Daily Blog Posts,  i.e. Jillian Michaels
    • Your Fitness Pedagogy
    • Video 


    Good luck with this challenge!






Vincent Carvellli

Personal Trainer _ Vincent Carvelli