• clinic

    Posted by Lisette Guerrero on 4/27/2018


    First day of clinic I went to inpatient ot , We waited for it to open meanwhile the physical therapist set up the equipment . Once patients started to come in the pt took their own patient and stared to walk with them around the floor after that they had actives for the patient. After they were done I was able to clean the walkers.

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  • shelby

    Posted by Lisette Guerrero on 3/20/2018 9:00:00 AM

    You hear many stories of people being sick or people facing challenges in their lives but you really can’t relate because you’re not the person who is going through it. Shelby influenced me in many ways, before she even told her story I could tell she was a very strong person because she is able to talk about the challenges she went through from a young age. Shelby went through many things that held her back in certain situations but she always overcame them. As a student and a future health care worker, Shelby’s story motives me to not give up because of little situations that I face.   -Lisette 


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