• clinic

    Posted by Justin Evelyn on 4/30/2018

    my first day of clicic i was place in ot downstairs where they do hand thyr Clinic was a great experiences, i enjoied clinic to the fullest . i learned alot of great things everyday that i went . I meet great people through out clinic from the works for patients. I reallly enjoied meeting new people and getting to know them. I learned how to apply an ice and a heat pack, also how to transver a patient on to a wheelchair and then on to a cane. i appicate all the physical thyrapics that helpped me in clinic and maded sure i was doing everthing correctly.

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  • shelby

    Posted by Justin Evelyn on 3/20/2018

    Shelby’s story influenced and made an impact in my life. Due to her sickness, she had to live in a hospital for months at a time and it made me realize that there are children and other people who are faced with the same situation. Those people are going through tough times, i now know when I grow up to be a healthcare provider I will always try my best to be friendly and considerate to all patients because you never know what there story is or what they are going through. When I am faced with challenges in my life I will remember how strong Shelby was through her situation and will always remember how much of a fighter she was, also how she never quit no matter what. 

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