• Shelby's Story

    Posted by Maite Guillen Dominquez on 3/19/2018

    Yesterday we met an extrodanibary women who has had all of her childhood in hospitals. she was never able to be a normal kid and just enjoy her childhood.Her story really opened my eyes and made me realize that not everone is lucky enough to be able to get out of bed everyday and enjoy life normally amd go through everyday life normalally. It will influence my life moving forward because when the days that i just feel lazy and not wanting to go to school and just wanting to drop it all, I wouldn't because if Shelby was able to preseverve even though she was battling her heart condition along with later finding out that she had cancer and she was still able to go to school and she didn't give up then who am I to complain about little things in my life. Shelby was faced with the biggest two causes of death in the United States and she beat it, without giving up. After hearing Shelby's story i have learned that I am graetly greatful for my life and i should be thankful and appreciate my life and be able to not give up when tasks get tough because if Shelby was able to overcome her conditions that couldve killed her then i should be able to overcome the littlest things in life. Just like Shelby says "LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE, LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE." Being a healthcare provider Shelby's story effected me in a way because it's made me realize that their are many patients that i will come across that will probably be in the same suituation as Shelby was and just knowing what Shelby went thorugh i would be able to do my job with so much happiness and enjoyment because i will be able to help those children in being their for them and being a friend and not take everyday in life for granted. 

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