• clinical #1

    Posted by Jordan Jackson on 5/15/2018


    When i went to clinic i did multiple skills that i learned in class. I helped to ambulate a patient in, in-patient physical therapy with two of my classmates Jermaine and Craig. When the doctor raised the patient into a walker i helped by following behind closely with a wheelchair just in case the patient got tired or felt they could not walk any further. I also observed a patient use a theraband while opening and closing legs for resistance. There was a MS patient that has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. She had flares in the back of her neck and spine suffering from weakness and fatigue.

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  • Shelby's Story

    Posted by Jordan Jackson on 3/20/2018

    As i listened to Shelby speak i wondered how a young girl who went through so much could be so positive. I learned that no obstacle is too big to overcome. Shelby is one of the strongest people i ever met she motivates to wake up every morning and go to school and give 100% on everything i do especially my school work. She made me realize how fortunate i am to wake up each day healthy with no problems. As a future health care provider she made me realize that no matter how hard a task you should never give up on a patient. I want to able to impact people's lives the way Shelby impacted mine. She never gave up and now she is a successful P.A. student wanting to help people the way her doctors helped her. Every day i strive to become a better person and more like Shelby.

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