• Clinic

    Posted by Alexi Maldonado on 5/1/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Going to clinic is a great experience. Observing P.T aids help patients and sometimes even assisting them gives us so much knowledge. I learned many new things in clinic. But most of the stuff they did on patients, like exercises, transporting them in wheelchairs, and getting them out of bed were learned in class. I look foward going to clinic to help patients out and shadow the P.T aids.

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  • Shelby Reflection

    Posted by Alexi Maldonado on 3/20/2018

    Shelby’s story was truly inspiring. She experienced many tragic events and what left me thunderstruck was the fact that she overcame all these obstacles. It took strength and courage to face these things. One part of the story that touched me was when she talked about her life after the transplant. When she attended college, she never complained, or made excuses, or didn’t care what people said about her. She told us how being bald was tough and part of the process of her cancer. This was big for her because she was girl, but that didn’t affect her. She went through college not worrying about what others would say. Shelby mentioned that she needed to take 32 pills every day in order to survive. Also she said how one day she was very sick in school, she leaves class to vomit, and then goes back to class not letting her body control her. I mention that in my reflection because if that was the case, many people wouldn’t even attend school feeling sick.  All these are examples of why she was mentally tough and truly inspiring. As a result from all this, she’s living her life better. Shelby is cancer free, she lowered her pill intake and she grown back her hair. There’s a lot more but what’s important is there’s always a way out of every situation your facing. I can use her to motivate me when im feeling down or if i keep complaining. Shelby influenced me in a way to always be grateful for what I have. Never make excuses, be thankful and always have a positive mindset because sometimes we don’t realize how blessed we are.



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