• clinic

    Posted by Caitlin McGinley on 4/27/2018

    i only went to clinic once and it was a good experience and learned alot of different OT exercises and people with different ways they hurt themselves and if they had surgery or not.

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  • Clinic

    Posted by Caitlin McGinley on 4/19/2018

    When I went to clinic I went into the OT room. I learned a lot, the OT said to us that he can see up to 20 patients a day back to back and he sometimes does not get a break. He said he only gets a break of 20 minutes to go eat or have some free time if someone cancels an appointment for that day. When he sees patients he sees 3 at a time, he has one patient doing another exercise in another section and the other patient in another while he works on a patient while talking to each one. The patients he was working on that day was in a lot of pain because they had surgery on their hands and had to loosen up the tissue so they could make fists with their hands and stretch normally again. The therapist was making them do ROM. There was colored cones that the patient had to hold and squeeze so they can make a fist, each color was a different size, each time they go to therapy they have to go down a size.

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  • Shelby's Story

    Posted by Caitlin McGinley on 3/20/2018 10:00:00 AM

    What I took away from Shelby’s story is to not be selfish and to know people have it worse than you and still go on with life happily because life is short. Her life has influenced my own life by looking at life in a different way by appreciating things more and to appreciate others more because you never know what people go through. Shelby showed that even going through the most life threatening things she never gave up and kept and fighting. she also proved that you can still go to school and achieve your goals and dreams, it proves how strong of a person she is. She made my outlook on school and actually going to school more important because without finishing school you will not feel as successful, you feel more accomplished when you put all your time and effort into finishing something you start. She inspired me to want to be a part of the healthcare field even more because I would love to help people like her and save lives. Shelby is a true inspiration to everyone.

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