• Clinic 2

    Posted by Elizabeth Rogers on 5/15/2018 9:20:00 AM

    In clinic today I was in PT in patient and i got to help the therapist by following behind the patient with their wheelchair incase they needed to tae a break. I alos got to help out with putting the exercise balls inside the pillow cases and place them in between the patients knees to help strengthen their legs. The aptient willthen press their knees together with the ball in between.

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  • Clinic

    Posted by Elizabeth Rogers on 4/27/2018 8:15:00 AM

    While I was at clinic for the first time I was in the PT inpatient and we waited for the inpatients to start to come as they finished setting up the room for the day. When the patients came in we watched as they practiced walking with the walkers and work on building strength back up. On my second day I was in the PT outpatient unit, and I got to help get hot packs when needed. I also helped out with folding towels and sheets along with cleaning down the beds after they are used and putting a new sheet down for the next patient to come.

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  • Shelby's Story

    Posted by Elizabeth Rogers on 3/20/2018 9:00:00 AM

    Shelby’s story inspired me because she has gone through such a great deal of struggle in her life so far. Even though her struggles she’s still doing all the things she wants to do by setting her mind to it. Moving forward from hearing Shelby’s story I will no longer take things for granted and try my best to overcome any struggles I may face like Shelby did. She showed us how strong she is for going through two life threatening conditions and still having the chance to tell her story. As a future college student I can’t even image how difficult it could have been going through school while dealing with such a serious problem like cancer. As a future health care provider I’m proud of Shelby for fighting through these awful things she had to go through. When I’m faced with challenges I hope I’m able to keep it together as well as Shelby did and be able to keep myself focused on my goals like Shelby did with school.

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