• last day of clinic

    Posted by Jefferson Valle on 5/15/2018

    the last day of clinic for me was agreat day to be completely honest. i said goodbye to my favorite OT Joe and one of the hispanic clients who is always there. it was a great experience and i thank everyone at NUMC that showed me many things that i will use in the future.

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  • clinic

    Posted by Jefferson Valle on 4/30/2018

    I have been to clinic onve and so far i plan on going more. i was placed in the OT inpatient. i didnt do much but i shadowed the doctors and watched how they talk to their patients. they enourage the patients to not give up. the patients always seem happy which show that the doctors are doing their job.

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  • shelby's story

    Posted by Jefferson Valle on 3/20/2018

    Shelby’s story was one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard. She has motivated me to push harder every day. Even on the days I have a little cold or a runny nose. Shelby had cancer and still went to college. She took 30 pills a day and wore a mask just to live. She had a heart transplant at the age of 10. She has pushed me to not give up even when times get hard. Shelby is in school to be a Physician’s assistant. After all she’s been through she pushes herself every day. I want to go into the medical field and her story has influenced me to try even harder to be a good student and appreciate the life I live.

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