Academic Courses

  • Attend for 2 years and you can earn academic credits for the fourth year of English, third years of math, science and/or health. Courses differ; refer to the “credit” box for each course for details. (For more information see below.

  • Health Education

    This course is designed to help students learn and incorporate a variety of life skills that will enable them to solve problems, build positive relationships and maintain healthy lifestyles. The application of these skills will promote good physical, mental and social well-being. Students earn 3 1/2 credits for their Career and Technical Education course and 1/2 credit for Health Education.

    Marine Science

    This is a full-year elective course that will allow students to study the chemical, geological and physical components of the world’s oceans as well as make a comprehensive study of the living and the non-living marine environment. The proper use, management and conservation of ocean resources will be analyzed. Scientific inquiry and laboratory experiments are an integral part of this course. The objective for the course is for students to become well-rounded individuals through the knowledge and understanding of the marine science curriculum. Students will be better prepared to face the challenges of the 21st Century by utilizing technology, building upon research and writing skills, designing and performing scientific experiments and applying those acquired skills to daily life. Students will earn 3 credits for their Career and Technical Education course and 1 credit for Science.

    Physical Education

    Due to the limited capacity of our programs, priority will be given to seniors (12th grade) needing physical education credits for graduation. Each school district will be allotted seats in proportion to their enrollment. Districts will be notified of their allocation in mid-May. Students earn 3 1/2 credits for their Career and Technical Education course and 1/2 credit for Physical Education. This is a full-year course.

  • More About Integrated and Specialized Academic Credits:

    The New York State Education Department (NYSED) approves Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses with integrated and/or specialized content for English, math and science that qualifies them for graduation credits in these areas. The following credits are approved by the NYSED after completion of 2 years in certified programs:

    English: 1.0 credit

    that satisfies the 4th-year requirement.

    Math: 1.0 credit

    that satisfies the 3rd-year requirement.

    Science: 1.0 credit

    that satisfies the 3rd-year requirement.

    Social Studies: 0.5 credit

    that satisfies the Participation in Government requirement.

    Health: 0.5 credit

    that satisfies this requirement.

    If these academic credits are used to meet graduation requirements, CTE credits will be proportionately reduced; i.e.: if 1.0 credit is applied to English, total CTE credit is reduced from 4.0 to 3.0. For more information, call the Counseling Office at 516-622- 6814.

    *Technical Academic credits are granted at the discretion of the district.