Pet Grooming Program

  • Pet Grooming in Long Island

    Adult Education CTE | Animal Services | Pet Grooming courses in Long Island

    Required Courses: Pet Grooming I • Pet Grooming II

  • Pet Grooming I

    Enter the world of Animal Services. Become a Pet Groomer. Gain theory and hands-on practical knowledge of handling and caring for pets with the most gentle and safe techniques. Learn about types of pets, particularly dogs; common illnesses to recognize; identification of ticks and fleas; and grooming tools and equipment. It is suggested you bring a dog to class within the schedule. Proof of vaccinations required.

  • Pet Grooming II

    Continue the Pet Grooming program with this continuation of comprehension. Learn about various grooming styles among breeds and species. Practice using tools to groom faces, blend coat lengths, and trim nails. Study Professional Skills like communication and customer service pertaining to pets and their owners. Meet with counselors in our Employment Center for job opportunities in pet care facilities throughout Long Island.

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