Pet Grooming (I and II)

Pet Grooming

    Pet Grooming I

    This course will provide the knowledge and practical hands-on experience in pet grooming for an entry-level position, or for personal enrichment. Topics include, but are not limited to, safe handling, bathing and drying, different coat types, clipper use and maintenance, grooming equipment, fleas and ticks, and common medical problems. Students must have access to a dog to bring to class on a rotating basis, and the pet must have proof of current vaccinations. It is recommended that students have a current tetanus shot. Tuition includes cost of textbook.

  • Pet Grooming II

    This course expands and builds upon the material studied in Pet Grooming I. This comprehensive course combines theory and practical hands-on learning that will prepare students for working in the exciting field of dog grooming. Topics covered will expand and emphasize grooming faces, blade lengths, attachment combs and blending of coat, along with scissoring techniques and various breed cuts.

    Required additional cost: grooming tools

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Pet Grooming I, or an employer letter of reference within the grooming field stating your level ofexperience. Students are expected to bring dogs in on a rotating basis.

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