Welding (Series of Courses)

  • Welding

  • Important note for Welding Fundamentals and Qualifications: Students wishing to take an exam during this class, note the following fees: Steel Plate and Flux Core Qualification Exam - $250 additional cost; additional $50 fee after passing the exam 6G Pipe Qualification Test (requirement of Boilermakers 5 application process)- $500 additional cost; additional $50 fee after passing the exam

  • Welding Fundamentals and Qualification

    This course starts at the beginning and provides information on safety practice in the techniques of bead disposition in flat, vertical, and overhead positions, and on four types of joints using mild steel. Students will also learn the basics of electrode selection and oxyacetylene burning — both manual and automatic. Also covered are the fundamentals of GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding/MIG Welding) and GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding/TIG Welding) on aluminum and steel. The student will then concentrate on SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Stick Welding) on flat plate to prepare for the AWS qualification tests, and on pipe and flux core to prepare for the American Petroleum Institute (API) or American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) qualifications.

    Required additional cost: Protective headgear.

    Students must attend the first night of class to avoid cancellation of registration.

  • Course length: 20 Sessions / 60 Hours
    Tuition: $2,000


  • AWS Qualification Test Preparation

    This course will sharpen students’ welding skills in preparation for the D1.1 Structural Steel 4-Position Arc Welder or Flux Core qualification exams. Materials and one practice test is included in tuition. Cost of class covers the passing of one exam. An additional fee of $200 is required to attempt and/or pass the Pipe exam during this class.

    Prerequisite: Welding Fundamentals and Qualification or experience in welding industry.

  • Introduction to Welding Techniques

    This course is a general introduction to welding safety and welding methods. Students will learn basic welding skills using oxyacetylene, shielded metal arc, metal inert gas (MIG), and tungsten inert gas (TIG).

    Our certified welding inspector/welding educator through the AWS can prepare you for the following tests:
    • Structural Steel
    • AWS 6G Pipe Qualification
    These tests will prepare you for the New York City/New York State licensing. Further testing outside of Nassau BOCES Adult Career and Technical Education Training is required. **Nassau BOCES is not an American Welding Society (AWS) accredited facility. Therefore, students will have to take their certification exams at an accredited facility.

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