Medical Coding and Billing Specialist (Series of Courses)

  • Medical Coding

  • Medical Terminology (Part I)

    This course is a MUST for students planning to enter or re-enter a health occupation or related medical technician field, and is a prerequisite for Introduction to Medical Coding and Billing / Medical Manager (Part III). Students will learn to build a strong medical vocabulary for success in a healthcare setting. Prefixes, suffixes and acronyms will be covered. Tuition includes cost of textbook and CPR certification.


  • Introduction to Medical Coding (Part II)

    This course is an introduction and teaches basic guidelines for utilizing ICD and CPT coding systems. Methods for medical offices and billing of Medicare and private insurance companies are addressed. Students will learn to code medical and surgical procedures accurately. Students are advised to take Medical Billing/Medical Manager to complete the certificate program. Tuition includes textbook and CPR Certification.

    Prerequisites: Medical Terminology and keyboard proficiency

  • Medical Billing / Medical Manager (Part III)

    Students will learn to provide billing services by utilizing the computerized industry-leading software package “Medical Manager.” Emphasis will be placed on office procedures with regard to patient billing. Areas covered include billing procedures and services, credit and collection policies, and problems encountered with collection. Tuition includes textbook and CPR Certification.

    Prerequisites: Introduction to Medical Coding and keyboard proficiency

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