• Welcome to the Center for Online Learning professional development program in support of the new CTLE requirements regarding English as a New Language (ENL) learners.


    ATTENTION: Courses will end on June 30th, 2019

    To receive credit for a course the following must be true on or before June 30th;

    • A minimum of two hours is spent in each course

    • At least 85% of all activities are completed for each course

    • An overall grade of 80% or above achieved for each course


    A new term will begin on July 1st, 2019 so some information found on this page will no longer be valid. Please check with your district's MyLearningPlan Admin to make sure your district is still participating in this program and ask for the 2019-2020 ENL+ Informational Package.

    Please review the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below regarding your participation in these courses.
    Participants must register in two locations:  My Learning Plan and BUZZ
    • My Learning Plan:  Registering in My Learning Plan will enable you to receive a certificate in support of CTLE requirements.
    • BUZZ is the learning management system (similar to Moodle or BlackBoard) in which the courses reside.  

    View the following information and tutorial videos to learn how to enroll in specific courses as well as how to navigate within each course.

    • Navigate to the URL found through the search tool below and sign-in to BUZZ.  (If you are unsuccessful, check with your district administrator to ensure your correct user information was submitted for your account creation.) 
    • View the BUZZ Course Enrollment Instructions video below for instructions on how to enroll in individual courses once you have logged in to your BUZZ account.  View the "Course Navigation Tutorial Video" for tips on how to navigate once in the desired course. 
    • Finally, you may want to copy the desired course code from the Course Code table below the videos prior to logging into BUZZ. You will need to add this code during course registration.

  • Step-by-Step Course Enrollment Instructions: 

    Log in to the  BUZZ learning management system with credentials as provided by your district or system administrator.

    Navigate to the round user icon in the top right corner and click on the down arrow icon:

    New Buzz Login

    Choose “Enter Registration Code”:  Enter the code for the appropriate course from the information provided below:



  • To see all the courses available choose the 'View All' button above.




  •  Step-by-Step Enrollment Instructions 

     Enroll in Course
     Choose "Verify Code"
    Registration Code  

    You should now see the name of the course in which you would like to enroll.  Choose “Enroll”

     Enroll In Course
    Return to your home page.  You should now see the course posted to your course roster.  Click on the course icon to begin working in the course.
    Return to Homepage  

Course Navigation Video

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