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  • How to Change Wiper Blades.

    Posted by Tyler Anthony Dirty Dan on 1/18/2018

    You should replace your wiper blades about every six months.  You can also examine the wipers for cracks.  Old windshield wipers become hard and cracImage result for changing krusty wipersked over time, especially in a hot, dry climate. If your wiper seems to have lost it's rubbery spring, it's probably time to replace it.

    How to Change Your Wiper Blades: 

    1) Find out what size blade you need to buy to  replace them ( You will need to know the make and model of your car). 

    2) Once you have purchased the new wiper blades, lift the wiper arm in the air.

    3) Press the small plastic stopper to unhook your old wiper blades.

    4) Remove the blades

    5) Match old and new wipers to see if they are the same size.

    6) Put blade over arm and push down and pull out on the blade.

    7) Push down until it locks in.

    8) Put the arm down on the blade and test to make sure they are not scraping  the windshield.



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  • How to Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

    Posted by Christopher on 12/4/2017

    The Importance of Tire Pressure

    Your tires will wear evenly which prolongs the life of your car and improves your vehicle fuel economy. When correctly inflated  your tires can perform  better with more dependable traction and a more comfortable ride. 

    The Negatives of having Low and High Tire Pressure

    Low tire pressure can lead to complete failure of your tires. Too much contact with the surface of the road increases friction, and this heat can cause tread separation and a possible blown tire.

    High tire pressure can lead you to lose traction. When overinflated your tires round out on the tread section causing the center to wear significantly faster than the outer edges.


    How To Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth         

    WATCH: How To Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

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