2019 Employee Recognition Day

  • School principals, program supervisors, support personnel, teachers, professional developers, custodians, and other longtime Nassau BOCES employees were recognized for landmark years of service on November 14, 2019.

    This year, 392 staffers, representing 60 different Nassau BOCES programs and services, celebrated their years of service during the agency's annual Employee Recognition Day celebrations. More than 264 employees who reached service milestones ranging from 15 to 45 years were publicly thanked during an afternoon ceremony at Jerusalem Avenue Elementary School. Individual sites honored staffers celebrating five- and 10-year milestones during the day.

    "This is what this day is all about – thanking you in a very public way for your dedication and commitment to Nassau BOCES," commented Susan Bergtraum, Board president.

    "You are our greatest resources, and the expertise you bring to work every day is critical to the success of our students and programs," added Dr. Robert R. Dillon, District Superintendent. "Thank you for caring about your job, the students and educators we serve, and each other."

    The afternoon program is a collaboration of the departments of Communications, Facilities, Human Resources and Special Education along with students from LIHSA. They all worked toward making this year's festivities a success.

    Nassau BOCES staff includes educational planners, naturalists, marketing and communications professionals, printers, bus drivers, computer network technicians, accountants, auditors, data mining and risk management experts, and Web designers, in addition to hundreds of classroom teachers and teacher aides. In all, Nassau BOCES relies on more than 4,000 employees — its most important asset in meeting school district needs.