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  • Accelerate Education

    Accelerate Education

    Personalized digital curriculum and tools to provide individualized learning paths for all students giving each a unique experience for success, while giving teachers flexibility and power to enlighten each mind. Coser 409.511

    Click here for information on our partnership:  Accelerate Education Partnership with Nassau BOCES

    Apex Learning


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    Apex Learning digital curriculum is designed to actively engage students in learning combining embedded supports and scaffolds to meet diverse student needs, actionable data to inform instruction, and success management, to ensure you get the outcomes you're expecting. Coser 409.511

    Click here to learn more about working in the platform:



    Edgenuity - now a part of Imagine Learning

    EDGENUITY-Parents-WHI - Intermediate School

    Edgenuity partners with schools and districts to bring a world-class learning experience to classrooms of any size and shape using cutting-edge digital tools and research-backed instructional strategies. Edgenuity’s online curriculum and learning solutions are designed to support all educators and students and can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of any school, classroom, and student. Coser 409.511


    Here is a link to Edgenuity's video library.  This link will take you to a page of videos that can be viewed based on your specific needs.  There are videos on blended learning, courseware, intervention, and SEL. 




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    Whether your objective is to boost test scores, raise graduation rates, implement personalized learning, or improve college and career readiness, a partnership with Edmentum means access to a team of education technology professionals committed to making sure your investment enhances student achievement. Coser 409.511

    Educere provides K-12 virtual education programs for Core, World Language (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and ASL), PE/Health, Electives, and 20+ AP® courses; spanning Original Credit, Credit Recovery, Homebound, and 100% remote learning solutions. Educere is committed to expanding access to education by using a teacher-supported, personalized learning approach that enables K-12 students from all rigor levels to pursue their academic goals.


    E-Dynamic Learning

    eDynamic Learning Announces New Enhanced Course Features for Back to School  2020/2021

    Edynamic offers a plethora of career and elective courses, including CTE Courses aligned to 14 national career clusters and preparation for national certification exams, unique and specialized elective courses for high schools, and enriching electives and career exploration courses designed for middle schools. 



    Florida Virtual School

    Florida Virtual School (@FLVS) | Twitter

    FLVS is an online school dedicated to personalized learning. Whether you live in Florida or beyond, you can access more than 180 courses with us, from Algebra to AP Art History and everything in between. Our courses are real—just like the certified teachers who teach them. Public, private, and homeschool students from Kindergarten through 12th grade use our courses to succeed on their own time and schedules. Coser  409.540

    Peek at the Course Tours area on their YouTube channel for more information:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9PsiogWteIFRmR6yZq4CGQ 


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    GradPoint provides limitless options for online and blended learning.  The way we teach and learn is changing quickly. Do you have the right resources to stay ahead of the curve?  With GradPoint, you can prepare your students — from at-risk to advanced — for a dynamic, interconnected tomorrow using a variety of learning options. Coser 409.511



    its learning

    itslearning LMS

    A single place where teachers could share educational resources and files, and students could complete and hand-in assignments. Our vision is that effective use of technology can vastly improve the world of education. Coser 409.511




    Odysseyware provides support for 21st-century educational solutions such as blended learning, online learning, credit recovery and intervention via our flexible platform and rich set of data reporting and customization features, professional development, and accredited Odysseyware Academy and academic services. Coser 409.511


    Right Reason Technologies

    Right Reason Technologies

    Our student success platform, RightPath™, offers four seamlessly integrated modules.  Either together or as stand-alone products, they offer numerous paths to support teachers and students as they navigate success.   The four modules that comprise the RighPath™ platform are – Data Informed Instruction, Instructional Planning, Learning Resources & Programs and Professional Performance. Coser 409.511