• Long Island Student Support Team (LISST) Conference

    Responding to a Changing World

    November 03, 2020

    Being Presented Virtually !


  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020 | 9:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Nassau BOCES and Western Suffolk BOCES would like, once again, to invite all School Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other support team members to participate in the 2020 LISST Conference. In light of current events, our 2019 theme, “Responding to a Changing World”, will remain the same for 2020. As the world of education is actively adapting, the LISST conference must also adapt. LISST 2020 will run, as scheduled on November 3rd, on a virtual platform. To be respectful of busy schedules, the conference will be limited to two keynote speakers.

    All attendees will receive a “virtual conference bag” filled with mindfulness ideas, tools and concepts that can be used in school.

    Cost: $50
    Audience: School Counselors, School Psychologists, and School Social Workers and other support team members
  • Opening Keynote Speaker:

    Dr. Dan Guerra

    Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach


    A Clinical Approach to Trauma-Informed Practices in the Face of COVID-19

    Dr. Guerra’s keynote address will discuss and operationalize trauma. He will also address some of the leadership challenges that will have to be faced as we move forward, some practices to facilitate healing, and wellness and effective functioning in light of recent, and not so recent, crises.


    Closing Keynote Speaker:

    Christine Merle

    MPA, Health Administration

    Chris Merle

    Reopening Schools with SEL at the Forefront

    Ms. Merle’s keynote, focusing on integrating SEL as a foundation for all learning, will be a necessary component of any school’s plan-whether it be face-to face or virtual in scope. Using SEL to establish relationships and community, encourage independence and autonomy, and practice coping strategies as we transition back, will serve to help our students and educators more than rushing to academically “catch up”, especially if they must revert to full-time distance learning. The approach will also fill the competency gaps which so many of our students have displayed during this current crisis




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    We would like to thank them for their continued support for the teachers and children of Long Island


  • Presented by Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Nassau BOCES and Western Suffolk BOCES.

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