School Climate Survey

School Climate Framworks Wheel

  • School climate refers to the quality and character of school life. It has been described as "the heart and soul of the school ... that essence of a school that leads a child, a teacher, and an administrator to love the school and to look forward to being there each school day." A positive school climate helps people feel socially, emotionally and physically safe in schools. It includes students', parents' and school personnel's norms, beliefs, relationships, teaching and learning practices, as well as organizational and structural features of the school.According to the National School Climate Council, a sustainable, positive school climate promotes students' academic and social emotional development. School climate is the most important factor in determining the sucess of students

  • Nassau BOCES can assit you with administering the EDSCLS School Climate Survey.  Additionally, Nassau BOCES will provide survey results, in aggregate form, aligned to your student data, in an interactive data dashboard.  This data will help your district see areas to celebrate and those that may need to to be addressed. Conducting a climate survey is the BEST way to identify an effective SEL framework for implementaiton. Please contact Beverly Forgash for more details.