•  Nassau BOCES as LSA’s Designee  

       1Initial letter informing non-public schools of visit with self-study non-public toolkit included

       2. Initial meeting at Nassau BOCES with district staff and non-public leaders to accomplish the following: 
                     Establish timeline
                     Create agenda for day of review 
                     Address any questions/concerns 
                     Review documentation and evidence if supplied
                     Discuss accreditation status within the last five years

       3. On-site visit 
                     Tour the school building 
                     Team meeting 
                     Classroom observations 
                     Faculty interviews 
                     Documentation review  
                     Address any questions/concerns

       4 Nassau BOCES internal review for decision

       5.  Decision presented to district and non-public leaders 

       6.  Package preparation for district, non-public school and state

       7.  Decision letters prepared and sent to all districts that the student body reside 

                     If a school does not meet Substantial Equivalency 
                     A follow-up meeting with non-public school leaders  
                     Collaboration on an improvement plan, generated with appropriate timeline and benchmarks  
                     Meeting with district and non-public leaders 30 days following the implementation of the plan  
                     Recommend a final decision regarding Substantial Equivalency  
                     Re-submit paperwork to the school board, non-public school, and state  with final determination