Restorative Practices

Building & Maintaining Relationships

  • Introducing the Restorative Practices Workshop: Building Strong Relationships in Schools, Organizations, and Communities

    Join us for a comprehensive two-day workshop on Restorative Practices, the social science that focuses on fostering and nurturing relationships within our educational institutions, organizations, and communities. This experiential training will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement restorative practices in their daily lives.

    During the workshop, participants will gain insights into the historical and theoretical foundations of restorative practices. They will also learn a wide range of strategies that can be applied in various contexts. The training emphasizes hands-on learning, providing ample opportunities for participants to practice and refine their skills. By the end of the workshop, attendees will leave equipped with a toolkit of proven techniques to effectively implement restorative practices in their respective environments.

    The second day of the workshop will focus on facilitating circles, a powerful tool for fostering empathy, compassion, and community among group members. Participants will learn practical techniques and strategies to facilitate circles effectively, enabling them to create a safe and inclusive space for open dialogue and meaningful connections.

    This workshop will be presented by licensed trainers from The International Institute of Restorative Practices, a recognized authority in the field. Upon completion of the course, participants will be prepared to implement restorative practices in line with internationally recognized standards set by the leading higher education institution dedicated to this science.

    Join us in this transformative workshop and become equipped to foster stronger relationships and build a more harmonious and connected community through Restorative Practices.

  • To schedule Introduction to Restorative Practices, Using Circles Effectively and Restorative Conferencing training or to register your district's Paraprofessional Cohort Training,  please contact Beverly Forgash

    Nassau BOCES offers the iirp Restorative Practice course.


  • Paraprofessional & Support Staff Training Service:

    Empowering Classroom Backbone

    Paraprofessionals play a vital role as the backbone of the classroom. While this recognition is well-deserved, it is concerning that 42% of current paraprofessionals express receiving minimal professional development opportunities to enhance their effectiveness. This lack of support becomes even more pressing as the demands of the job continue to grow, exacerbated by nationwide staffing shortages.

    To address this critical need, we are offering a comprehensive training program designed specifically for paraprofessionals and support staff. Our training service encompasses a total of 15.5 hours, covering various essential topics. The breakdown of training modules is as follows:

    1. Restorative Practices Overview Duration: 4 hours

    2. Mental Health First Aid for Youth Duration: 2 hours of self-directed pre-work (virtual) followed by 6 hours of in-person training with materials.

    3. Narcan Training and Emergency Kit Duration: 1 hour

    4. Mass Kids Enough! – Erin's Law Preventing child sex abuse Duration: 2.5-hour self-paced online course.

    We encourage district teams to contact us for scheduling and to enroll in this comprehensive training program. By investing in the professional development of paraprofessionals and support staff, we aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate their roles effectively and contribute to positive classroom environments.

    Empower your district's educational support team by providing them with the training they deserve. Contact us today to schedule this essential program and ensure the success and well-being of your paraprofessionals and support staff.

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