Online Learning Academy Homebound Program:

  • A simple and cost-efficient way to: 

    ·     Provide continued education for students who are hospitalized or homebound.

    ·     Reduce the administrative and financial burdens of educating these students.

    ·     Allow students to have the flexibility to work whenever they feel well.

    ·     Allow students to stay on track with their coursework.

    ·     Provide courses in all subject areas that are led by highly qualified, certified instructors.


Gavin B and his mother

    "Using the online system to complete my diploma has been a great resource for me and without it, I would have probably dropped out. I know I needed to finish school but was so discouraged. This has gotten my confidence back and it has been a great resource that should be available to more students."


    Gavin B., Lynbrook UFSD graduate

The Student Experience

  • Provides support through mentoring and guidance

    Provides a rigorous and equitable experience (both college and career ready)

    Fosters growth in academic skills to prevent the repetitive need for Credit Recover

    Provides the opportunity to participate in a class experience with peers

    Affords a flexible schedule to meet individual needs associated with homebound conditions