DPSS Events and Workshops

DPSS Regional User Group, Fall 2023

DPSS User Group Fall 2022- Best privacy & security programs & incident response practice

DPSS User Group Fall 2021- Equity and Privacy Implications of Student Monitoring

NYS DHSES & FBI Cybersecurity Threat Briefing

DPSS User Group Spring 2021- Student Data Privacy Page Guidance and Biometric Moratorium 2-e

  • What to include on a NYSED "audit-friendly" student data privacy page & information on the NY State Biometrics Moratorium Ed Law 2-e.

    New York's School Biometric Ban Slide Deck  Presented by Jim Siegl, Future of Privacy Forum

DPSS Student Data Privacy: Managing Vendor Relationships Series

DPSS User Group Fall 2020 - Data Mapping

DPSS User Group Archive Resources