School Public Relations Service

  • CoSer: 670.5711

    The Nassau BOCES School Public Relations Service helps districts plan and implement their communications programs. Support is provided for public information outreach, crisis management, budget campaigns, press releases, media inquiries, event publicity and coverage, websites and printed materials including newsletters, brochures and calendars. The service offers two options:

    On-site Public Relations

    For districts that prefer on-site support, Nassau BOCES can provide a public relations specialist to work directly in the district on a full- or part-time basis. The itinerant staff member is an employee of and is supervised by Nassau BOCES.

    Outsourced Public Relations

    Districts can utilize the services of an outside consultant—Syntax Communication or ZE Creative Communications (formerly Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc.). Nassau BOCES contracts with the vendor on behalf of the district and provides management support.

    Printing of Materials

    The printing of newsletters, calendars, brochures, postcards and other materials is not included in the service, but can be contracted for with the Graphic Arts and Printing Service (CoSer 516).




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