Work-based Learning Coordinator Teacher

  • The New York State Department of Education and the Department of Labor outline specific requirements for students placed by the school in work-based learning experiences such as internships. Work-based Learning Coordinator Teachers have NYS certification to oversee and provide these experiences. In addition, they recruit and maintain employer relationships, monitor student expectations and outcomes, collect attendance and report all required data, and offer student classes and instruction for all employability and career-related areas.

    This service provides a certified teacher who must be shared between two or more districts by working in each two or three days a week. The teacher is supervised by the Principal for Specialized Schools as well as a district building administrator. All teacher expenses are covered by the service fee. Teachers work from an office at the school, and become a part of the school instructional and support environment. All work-based learning and CDOS requirements are met for students that qualify.

    CoSer: 311.010 

  • Teacher and student


  • Kellie Cook McLaurin, Principal