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Nassau BOCES Mental Health Consortium

  • The Nassau BOCES Mental Health Consortium is a group of Nassau County school districts & friends, convened to address the prevalent issue of mental health and wellness within the realm of education. The consortium is designed to offer practical skills and background knowledge that will assist it's component districts in the implementation of plans to address the new and any future regulations or recommendations associated with Mental Health education as issued by NYSED.

    The consortium provides district members with access to curriculum, materials, training, professional development and numerous collegial groups.  Groups include (Social Workers, School Psychologists, Elementary Counselors, Restorative Practice Practitioners, PREPaRE trained crisis response team leaders, Behaviorists, Erin's Law Collegial Group, and more)  Meetings are virtual and  in-person and are moderated by Nassau BOCES staff or Mental Health Professionals.


Our next meeting....

  • April 18, 2023

    9:30 to 12:30PM - In-Person Meeting- Breakfast

    New NYSED SEL Benchmarks - Adult SEL Skill Development- Student SEL Resources for Teachers


    NYSED SEL Benchmarks can be accessed here

    Please register on MLP here to receive Zoom link