Canvas Learning Management System

  • All pricing in addition to Nassau BOCES Center for Online Learning, CoSer fee + 15% Administration Fee

    Partial District Adoption


    District Wide Adoption


Initial System Build

  • With a subscription to Canvas, schools will receive an innovative, cloud-based learning management platform that can be accessed by any user with an internet connection and a supported web browser,  including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Edge.  A Project Consultant (PC) will work closely with schools to monitor the implementation plan, timeline, and act as your main point of contact for questions. The PC also provides consultation on technical tasks relating to SIS integration, authentication, content migration, branding, and account configuration. A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), who knows your implementation inside-out, will see you through every step of the process. Once implementation is complete and throughout the life of the contract, your CSM will always be your administrators’ main point of contact for questions and feedback.

    Implementation - Standard


    Implementation - Enhanced


    Implementation - Premium



  • Canvas is your gateway to a world of powerful, standards-based LTI education tools, without having to deal with the headache of a difficult or lengthy integration setup. Schools have access to almost 400 LTI tools, including Nearpod and Discovery Education, that can be seamlessly integrated into Canvas.  Canvas makes it easy to plug in third-party apps.

    Teachers have access to Canvas Commons, a Learning Object Repository which has over 90,000 teacher and district created learning objects, including courses, quizzes, modules, assignments, and more.  Users can find and share resources in private, group, and public spaces. Your Curriculum Teams can approve and prioritize approved content for teachers to find quickly.

    Unique to Commons, Consortium Sharing provides a way for districts to connect and share resources in a secure manner.

    Canvas has implemented a standards-based architecture and is a participating member of IMS Global.   Canvas supports authentication through Google, Microsoft, SAML, CAS, ADFS, and LDAP.

    Canvas Commons

    Canvas EduApp Center

Tech Support

  • Districts will assign local Support Admins who will have access to Canvas support through email, chat, and phone.

    Canvas offers 3 support packages.

    Standard Support (No cost)

    • 24/7/365 Online Help Center
    • 24/7/365 Online Community
    • Email support within 2 business days for Support Contact.
    • Support Contacts can call Canvas Support from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Local Time, Local Business Days.
    • Admins can escalate tickets to Canvas Support in the Canvas Support ticketing system.
    • One local support admin

    24/7/365:  Cost - 20% of subscription/$2,500 min

    • 24/7/365 Online Help Center
    • 24/7/365 Online Community
    • Email support within 8 hours for Support Contact.
    • Institution provides Tier 1 helpdesk for all users
    • Admins can call Canvas Support 24/7/365. Admins can escalate tickets to Canvas Support in the Canvas Support ticketing system. Admins can contact Canvas Support directly by phone, live chat, or email/webform.
    • Up to 3 local Support Admin contacts
    • 120 seconds for phone; 120 seconds for live chat

    24/7 Tier 1. Cost (Per FTE/User):  30% of subscription/$3,500 min + Tier 1 Support Set Up: $500

    • 24/7/365 Online Help Center
    • 24/7/365 Online Community
    • Faculty / staff users can contact Canvas Support directly by phone, live chat, or email / webform.
    • One hour response for webform/email tickets
    • Canvas provides Tier 1 for faculty and staff.  

    Additional Ticketing System (per FTE/User)


    Canvas Community

    Teachers, administrators, and students will have 24/7/365 access to helpful guides and Canvas training. Your teachers and students can constantly develop their understanding of Canvas through the Community and even receive badges and points for participating. The Community is extremely active, with over four million page views a month and over 500,000 users and over 20,000 daily active users.

    The Community contains the information teachers and students use to learn tips and tricks using Canvas.  The online Canvas Guides are an extensive set of user and technical documentation and include Quickstart Guides for students and teachers. The best part is that it usually takes less than 24 hours for users to get a response when they post a question in the Canvas Community. It is also completely free.

Professional Development

  • Free Resources include:

    • Growing with Canvas - self-paced course designed by our Canvas trainers that can be imported right into every teacher’s account.  Growing with Canvas takes users through everything they need to know about using Canvas at their institutions - no matter what grade or level. See more information on this course here.
    • Be the Hero - Five modules of content that will take those who will be Canvas Admins through everything they need to know about using Canvas at their institutions - no matter what level. More information here.

    The Canvas Community is an excellent resource to learn how schools are transforming their classrooms with Canvas.

    InstructureLive will make it fun and engaging for Canvas users to collaborate with other Canvas users, host events, win points, and gain recognition. Users can also participate in live events, like:

    • Weekly Twitter chats that are hosted by Community members, from both HE and K-12 spaces
    • View and present keynote presentations
    • Live-stream CanvasCon sessions
    • Informal shop-talk sessions
    • Formal webinar presentations
    • Chat rooms for brainstorming, troubleshooting, and collaborating in real-time with other Canvas users

    In the past 9 months, we had over 200+ events. 48% of which were hosted by community members and about 52% of those events were meet-ups, demos, and Twitter chats. 

    Unique to Canvas is the Canvas Network. The Canvas Network is one of the largest MOOC platforms, granting anyone in the world access to open online courses for personal and professional development.

    Cost-based offerings include:

    • Customized webinars
    • Onsite Training/adoption consulting
    • Administrative consulting
    • Unlimited Subscription Based Training

Google Integration

  • Canvas integrates directly with Google Documents.  It does not import directly from Google Classroom.

    Teachers can link out to Google Classroom from Canvas, but this is not the intended use.  Canvas has become a replacement for Google Classroom. Canvas houses and distributes content just like GC but provides teachers with a much more robust feature set to support individualized, project-based, blended, flipped, competency-based learning models, and more.

Student/Teacher Communication

Project Based Learning

  • Contrary to popular belief, PBL does not stand for posters, brochures, and lackluster dioramas. In fact, project-based learning (PBL) reinforces impactful instructional strategies, bundles multiple standards, and gets the biggest impact out of your instructional time. Join Nicholina Wilson, ePathways Innovation Specialist at Seminole County Public Schools, where she will share tips and resources to help engage your learners with project-based learning. Let’s use Canvas to create dynamic, innovative projects, and discuss ways to inspire student-centered learning.

    Creating a PBL learning environment in Canvas

Course Duplication and Sharing

  • Curriculum Leaders can develop and distribute curated content and materials using Blueprint Courses.  This tool provides Curriculum Developers a way to create master courses, and allows them to push content and updates to teachers.

    Teachers who would like to quickly share materials with others can use the new Direct Share feature.  This feature allows teachers to choose other teachers they are working with, and send copies of content that can be added directly into courses.


Unique to Canvas LMS

  • Prices below are in addition to the Nassau BOCES COL subscription fee and 15% Administration fee.