• June 15

    Most 12-month staff will continue to work from home full-time. As needed, some staff may be notified that their work is considered “essential.” These staff will be asked to report to their assigned building to work on specific essential duties. The determination of who is considered essential will be made by their supervisor. If other staff members would like to begin working in their building two days a week at this time, they should speak with their supervisor to see if this is possible.

    July 1

    Starting July 1, 2020, all 12-month employees will begin working in their assigned building two days a week. These dates will be assigned by department administration to meet the needs of the programs. This approach is designed to allow for social distancing and to meet the New York Forward requirement that only 50% of the workforce be in a building at one time. Staff will work from home on most Fridays so that the buildings can be disinfected thoroughly. There are two exceptions at the Farber Center. To accommodate payroll, the Farber Center will be open on July 31 and August 14. Those weeks, the Farber Center will be closed for disinfection on Thursdays (July 30 and August 13).

    Summer hours will be followed starting June 15. See description below.

    August 31

    Remote work will end. All staff will begin working full days in their assigned buildings five days a week. This is subject to the latest guidance provided by Governor Cuomo.

    Summer hours

    Depending on their role, staff may work an adjusted workday starting Monday, June 15, and ending Friday, August 28. During this time, staff will be given a half-hour meal period and may end their workday a half an hour early. If, because of operational needs, a department administrator opts to continue the regular workday schedule for the summer for some or all staff, employees will be expected to report to work as scheduled.

Last Modified on July 8, 2020