COVID-19 Safety Signage

  • Nassau BOCES will develop or reproduce several signs/posters designed to promote the prevention and containment of COVID-19. The signs/posters will be strategically posted throughout the Agency and school buildings in high traffic areas such as entrances, restrooms, cafeterias and other dining areas, classrooms, administrative offices, auditoriums and other communal areas. Where practicable, signs will be posted in both English and Spanish.

    Sign Purpose Location
    Face coverings required ⭳ Alert all staff and visitors that face coverings are required in the buildings Main door
    6 feet apart ⭳ Reinforce that staff and visitors should be maintaining social distancing Throughout building
    Use main entrance ⭳ Ensure all staff and visitors enter through an approved doorway where they will need to sign in or tap their ID to meet contact tracing requirements All entryways not currently being used
    Wash your hands ⭳ Reinforce good hygiene practices All restrooms and areas with sinks, high traffic-areas
    Social distancing – Conference rooms ⭳ Reinforce social distancing Conference rooms
    Social distancing – Shared kitchen spaces ⭳ Reinforce social distancing Kitchens
    Social distancing – Elevators ⭳ Reinforce social distancing Elevators
    Social distancing – Share equipment spaces ⭳ Reinforce social distancing Shared equipment spaces
    Cover coughs and sneezes ⭳ Reinforce good hygiene practices Classrooms, high-traffic areas
    How to properly wear, store and discard masks ⭳ Classrooms, high-traffic areas Main lobbies/reception areas, classrooms
    Isolation room  Dedicated space for a person suspected of having COVID to wait Selected isolation room in each educational facility
    Leave this seat empty ⭳ Reinforce social distancing Conference rooms and other meeting areas
    COVID symbol signs Reinforce social distancing, proper hygiene for students with special needs Special Education classrooms
    Cleaning and disinfecting Confirm areas that are frequently cleaned School buses, food services areas
    Hand sanitizer Indicates visibly soiled hands should be washed Near all hand sanitizer
Last Modified on August 31, 2021