December 2020 Meeting


  • NASTECH Meeting: 1:00 to 2:30 PM

    Let’s Eat! 

    Grab some lunch and catch up with everyone! 

    Computer Science Education Week 2020 

    District sharing session on how they observed CS Ed Week and the Hour of Code this year 

    • Bethpage Schools Fifth Annual Hour of Code: Timeline Resources, and Delivery
      • Andrew Choi, Director of Technology, Bethpage UFSD
    • How East Williston UFSD students can compete in the Computer Science Week Olympics
      • Ed Kemnitzer, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services, East Williston UFSD

    Digital Citizenship Education 

    Reinforcing digital citizenship as more students learn remotely 

    Preparing for Full Remote Learning 

    • Parent Engagement 
    • Recording Classes? 
    • Remote Learning Best Practices 
    • Technical Support
    • Asset Management

    Open Forum 

    Open forum to ask questions and get answers