Learning Management Systems Offered through Nassau BOCES

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    Why invest in a Learning Management System?

    Many districts are currently using a combination of Google Classroom and a cache of individual applications to provide instruction.  Rollout plans for a more comprehensive solution include the continued use of current systems while onboarding to an upgraded LMS.  The benefits of this transition include: 

    • The availability of full course content, including content delivered in multiple languages
    • Assessment suite options 
    • Student data, including standards-based performance and attendance/activity logs 
    • Access to a full suite of instructional tools all integrated into one system 
    • The ability to integrate with district student management systems 
    • Access to teacher and administrative dashboards allows for easy tracking of student activity and performance
    • And more… 

    Canvas, Schoology and BUZZ are very user-friendly. However, districts moving to these platforms should review each LMS carefully as the adoption of any system involves significant investment of time and resources.  Although all systems contain many of the same attributes, distinct differences are of critical importance.  Adoption should be after all options are thoroughly investigated. 

    Information and pricing on each system is available through the links below:

    Please join a scheduled LMS overview or reach out directly to the COL for further information/support.

    Purchase the LMS below through Nassau BOCES. Click on the title for more information. 


    Schoology: This LMS is known for its distinctive look/feel of a social media app.

    Schoology – High School – Texas School for the Deaf

    Canvas: This LMS is one of the more popular K12 systems, including a strong data suite.

    Instructure Canvas LMS - Review 2017 - PCMag UK

    New York Learning Network (Agilix BUZZ): This is a unique, New York statewide powerful LMS facilitated by NYS BOCES, but domains are controlled by local districts.  The system is built to house/deliver shared content and services.

    Agilix Buzz