Certification in the Needs of Students with Autism

autism by Katherine Yodice
  • Fully Virtual Certification Workshop


    Cohorts offered monthly. Participants have two weeks to complete this three hour course. 

    Class Description: In response to the growing number of children being diagnosed with autism, the Legislature enacted Chapter 143 of the Laws of 2006 to amend Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law to require that all persons applying for a teaching certificate or license on or after February 2, 2007, as a special education teacher or as a school administrator who works in special education, complete course work or training in the needs of children with autism. Special education teachers include those with certification titles in special education, students with disabilities, teaching students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, teaching students who are blind or visually impaired, and teaching students with speech and language disabilities. In 2008, the Legislature enacted Chapter 484 of the Laws of 2008, which further amends Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law. The legislation clarifies that school administrators and supervisors assigned on or after September 2, 2009 to serve as special education administrators must complete training in the needs of autistic children as soon as practicable after their assignment. Topics covered will include Definitions, Etiology and Prevalence, Characteristics, Evidence Based Instructional Methods/Interventions for Teaching Students with ASDs, Behavior Management and Positive Behavioral Supports, Effective Collaboration, Resources and Supports. Upon completion participants will receive The State Education Department Certification of Completion in Training in the Needs of Students with Autism.