GC Tech |  Emergency Medical Technician


    Course Summary
    This two-year course will help you learn the basics and prepare for the New York State CFR examination and New York State EMT examination. You’ll learn how to respond to emergency calls and provide efficient and immediate care to the critically ill, injured, and how to transport the patient to a medical facility. EMT’s drive ambulances and observe traffic ordinances and regulations concerning emergency vehicle operation when dispatched to the location of a medical emergency. Students must be fully vaccinated (including COVID-19) and pass medical clearance to remain in the program.

    Course Topics
    •Body substance isolation techniques
    •Identifying dangerous situations
    •Patient assessment for both trauma and medical emergencies
    •Administration of medications
    •Triage of patients
    •Communications skills
    •CPR and cardiac emergencies
    •Preventing and correcting in shock patients
    •Splinting and bandaging injuries
    •Assisting in emergency childbirth

    Students Completing The Course May Be Certified In:
    •Certified First Responders
    •Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
    •Hazardous Materials Operations
    •Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator
    •NYS Security Guard
    •CPR/First Aid

    Work Experience Opportunities:
    Students who meet eligibility requirements may participate in supervised, real-world, work-based learning offerings that include clinics, shadow days/internships or paid Co-Op experiences at workplace sites:
    •Nassau University Medical Center


    Course available: Grades 11-12

    Course Length: 2 years

    Location: GC Tech

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