Vocational and LIfe Skills Program

  • Teacher - Fran Shapiro


    The Vocational and Life Skills program is designed to provide students with opportunities to practice a variety of hands-on, real life experiences.


    Middle school and high school students participate in our Vocational Lab where they practice skills such as sorting, collating, money skills, and restocking items in the school store. Some students participate in shopping at local stores in our community, such as Stop and Shop and BJ’s, while others work at voluntary community jobs such as Coldwell Banker, John’s Crazy Socks, and The Backyard Players Front Porch Market. Students that do not work at jobs in the community work in simulated work environments within the school, such as the school store, making deliveries, and collecting recycling.

    Students that work in the Vocational Lab receive a "paycheck" each week and can use that paycheck to purchase something at the school store.


    Life skills lessons are offered to students of all ages in our Life Skills room, where they practice doing laundry, folding clothes, setting the table, shopping in a simulated grocery store, and making a simple meal in the kitchen.


    The ultimate goal of the Vocational and Life Skills Program is to have our students become as independent as possible for their eventual transition to life after high school.