• Welcome to the "Buzz Student Resource" page.  Whether you are new to the Buzz platform or need some reminders, here's the place to pick up tips and tricks for using Buzz. 

    Student Troubleshooting for Buzz

    Unable to log in:

    1. Check to make sure you are using the correct Buzz URL, if you do not know your Buzz URL or your school's website does not have a short cut to Buzz please check the Buzz URL Lookup

    2. Student usernames are either their school email or first initial-last name-last four of student ID number. Check with your teacher.

    3. Your teacher will provide you with your password for Buzz at the beginning of the year. 

    Items and Images are not coming in or showing up:

    1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox. Buzz does not work in Internet Explorer/Edge. 

    2. Log out of Buzz. 

    3. Clear your history (which will include your cookies and cache). 

    4. Check to make sure that a pop-up has not been blocked by checking the address bar (or omnibar) in your browser. 

    5. Check with your teacher. 

    6. Take a snap shot of the error or issue and have your teacher send it in to the OHM Support Desk. 

    Video Tutorials

    Scroll down to view videos on navigating the Buzz Student Dashboard, Course Activities and the Gradebook.


Buzz Student Dashboard

Buzz Course Activities

Buzz Student Gradebook