ELLs and/or MLs

ELLs and/or MLs - Session 1

How Language Impacts Learning for ELLs

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This session is designed to assist all teachers in understanding how to make content comprehensible for ELLs/MLLs. Specifically, this session will focus on helping teachers understand how language impacts learning and specific ways to create meaning for students who speak other languages, especially in a remote environment. Strategies include using visuals, experiences, and home language support to improve student achievement.
ELLs and/or MLs - Session 2

Home Language Supports- Information Session

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This turnkey session will provide an overview on translated webinettes that will be available for teachers, students and parents/guardians for asynchronous supports. Each webinette will contain a mini lesson on a high-leverage concept in math, science, social studies and English language arts for secondary students. The webinettes will be available in 10 languages.
ELLs and/or MLs - Session 3

Scaffolding for ELLs in Distance or Hybrid Settings

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Explore strategies for scaffolding content instruction at varying proficiency levels and fostering ELLs' access to content during distance learning and hybrid instruction.
ELLs and/or MLs - Session 5

Supporting Ells' Academic Language Development in Distance & Hybrid Settings

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In this PD session, we will explore supporting English language learners’ academic language development, while working in distance learning or hybrid instructional settings.