Students With Disabilities

Students With Disabilities - Session 1

Creating Accessible Hybrid and Virtual Classrooms

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Create an environment for all students that allows them to succeed in a remote or hybrid classroom. This session will introduce high impact strategies that foster a successful and productive learning environment for all students, with additional considerations for students with disabilities. This session will also introduce strategies for: (1) helping students access digital content in a virtual environment, (2) accessibility features to help students access the virtual classroom successfully.
Students With Disabilities - Session 3

High Leverage Practices for SWD

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This session will familiarize participants with the High Leverage Practices for students with disabilities that help overcome their barriers to remote learning. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their current practice and create a plan to address areas of need.
Students With Disabilities - Session 4

Providing Remote Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Severe Disabilities

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Tailoring specially designed instruction for remote learning is especially challenging for students with severe disabilities. Parents and families have become conduits to teaching and learning for these students. In this session, we will focus on six steps to moving forward with remote instruction for students with severe disabilities.
Students With Disabilities - Session 5

Virtual Work-Based Learning Opportunities

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Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLE) are a crucial aspect of preparing all students for life after high school. Due to COVID-19, many students were unable to complete their WBLE due to business and school closures. This resource discusses alternative ways in which students can explore careers and WBLE to learn the essential skills required to be successful in a work environment.