• A Telehealth program functions as an “urgent care center” within the school’s health office. Telemed allows an on-call medical professional to videoconference with your school’s health staff to provide immediate evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of acute student illness or injury utilizing specialized medical equipment.

    Your District will be provided:

    • A mobile telemedicine unit
    • Bluetooth enabled medical equipment for real time examination
    • Set-up, maintenance, training, and support

    Students will experience:

    • A live visit with a remote NYS healthcare provider
    • Assessment and diagnosis of acute injury or illness
    • Recommendations for treatment
    • Prescriptions or referrals sent to pharmacy/primary provider

    Parent benefits:

    • Immediate provider response to child’s health needs
    • Parental ability to virtually attend child’s visit
    • Prompt determination of treatment with medications (if needed) prescribed prior to picking up your child.
Woman using medical tool to examine girls ear.