January 2022 Meeting


  • Assistive Technology Showcase 

    Elizabeth Naples, Nassau BOCES Supervisor for the Occupational Therapy Department in Special Education who oversees the Assistive Technology Team that provides Evaluations & Training to students within Nassau County Districts, and Kim Scharoff, Nassau BOCES Supervisor for the Speech & Hearing Department, who oversees the Alternative Augmentative Communication Team that conducts evaluations and training to students within Nassau County Districts, will be available to answer questions on how assistive technology devices are chosen, what types of devices and applications are used, and how districts can better support these technologies, both in school and when remote. 

    Center for Internet Security (CIS) Monitoring ServicesCIS Albert Network Monitoring and Endpoint Security Services (ESS) 

    Presented by Jamie Ward from the Center of Internet Security and Rita Melikian from Garden City UFSD 

    CIS Albert provides network security alerts for both traditional and advanced network threats, helping organizations identify malicious activity while CIS ESS provides an additional layer of cybersecurity protection by deploying directly on devices like workstations and servers. 

    Manhasset Ransomware Debrief 

    Dr. Sean Adcroft from Manhasset UFSD will share information on the ransomware event the district experienced last year.