April 2022 Meeting- Joint Meeting with Eastern Suffolk BOCES


  • Joint Meeting with Eastern Suffolk RIC Tech Directors

    Welcome: (1:30— 1:35)

    • Darlene Roces, Suffolk RIC Director, Eastern Suffolk BOCES
    • Laura Pollak, Supervisor II, Nassau BOCES

    Checking in: (1:35— 1:40)

    Keynote: Technology and Data Protection Best Practices (1:40—2:10)

    • Marlowe Cochran, Chief Information Security Officer, NYS Education Department
    • Louise DeCandia, NYS Chief Privacy & Ethics Officer, NYS Education Department

    Focus: Modified Ed Camp (2:10—2:55)

    Directions: Please use Padlet to add to our list of topics and/or to emphasize an already identified topic. We’ll then shift 
    to breakout rooms to provide opportunities to share.

    Topics will include but will not be limited to:

    1. Staffing – talent management
    2. 1:1 – accomplishments and challenges
    3. Imaging and deployments
    4. Dealing with difficult conversations – how to have a conversation about….
    5. FOIL requests and archiving
    6. Policies and keeping up with the times

    Closing: (2:55—3:00)


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